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lacrimae rerum

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14 July 1992
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I'm Sivaroobini Kalaimani (or just Roobi). I'm from Singapore but currently studying in Perth, I'm Indian and Hindu, and I love books, writing, mythology, roleplay, costumes and other geeky stuff.

I love ancient history and languages, and I particularly love the civilisation of Ancient Egypt. I also have a huge fondness for the beliefs and cultures of the ancient Middle East, Greece and Rome, Celts, Saxons, Vikings, and North, Central and South Americans, and of course ancient India. I write loads of fanfiction and, occasionally, original fiction. I love animals and am vegetarian. I'm also pansexual and a feminist.

Currently double-majoring in Classics and Ancient History & Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Western Australia.

I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We do stuff like combat (armoured combat and rapier), medieval dances, singing, archery, illumination, blacksmithing, etc and we make our own garb. It's fun and I highly recommend it. :D

Social capital

  • less than 10